⣏⠆⢎⡱⠈⡏⠰⣉⠆⡗⢼⢸⡳⠰⣉⠆⡯⡂⣹⡁⡠⠀ ⢎⡱⢐⡩⢰⢵⢸⠴⡁⡮⡆

There is something quite perverse about using Braille Unicode characters (⠠⠃⠗⠁⠊⠇⠇⠑), a writing system for visually impaired people, to display regular, latin letters. That's why I wrote a converter for it.



If you have JavaScript enabled, conversion will happen in your Browser instantly. If you don't have or want JavaScript you can click on "Submit", and the conversion will happen on the Server.

This program is written in JavaScript and is also available as a CLI application using Node.Js. Visit the Repository.

The characters are based on the Tiny and Tinier Fonts by Matthew Welch; Two fonts that I enjoy very much.

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