Small Table with a gun, drugs, ashtray and a bottle all made of Lego

The gun, drugs, ashtray and the bottle are all made out of Lego.



The gun is modeled after a Glock 17 and is loosely based on the design of MyDifferentUserName, although the interior is radically different and much more solid, at a cost of a minor bit of realism.


Lego Ashtray

All "ash" in the ashtray are attached, so you can't spill any ash. I actually think it looks very good. I had various people do a double-take when seeing it for the first time.


Lego Pills

The pills are just Lego 1x1 cylinders in a small baggy.


Lego Cocaine

The "cocaine" is just a makeup mirror and some white Lego bricks.


Lego Bottle

The bottle is just the bottle from 21313-1: Ship in a Bottle. Vimja lent that to me.

Raw shot

Of course it is image manipulated, but not actually that much. Here's the unedited version:

Unedited version