Did you ever want emojis in your terminal? Do you find yourself constantly writing the same text snippets?

With Tmux-text-macros you can easily save and recall these inside Tmux. Powered by fzf the search allows you to easily search macros by content or description. It comes with all emojis, box-drawing characters and block characters, as well as a few emoticons.

Now I can use all the emojis when writing this blog. 🐦🐻 🕴💀


Repository: https://github.com/Neo-Oli/tmux-text-macros



  1. clone repository to ~/.tmux/plugins/
  2. add run-shell ~/.tmux/plugins/tmux-text-macros/tmux-text-macros.tmux to your ~/.tmux.conf
  3. run tmux source ~/.tmux.conf to enable the changes


You can add your own custom macros to ~/.tmux/custom-macros. You can use the custom-macros file as a template.

If you want to disable all the default macros put set -g @load-default-macros off before loading the plugin in your .tmux.conf


Press Prefix e (normally Ctrl+b e) and choose a string by choosing it with the arrow keys or by entering a search string and press enter.