Wego is a pretty cool weather client for the terminal.

You also need termux-api and the jq package.

Now you can run the following command to display the weather report for your current location.

loc=$(termux-location -p network)&&wego "$(echo $loc | jq .latitude),$(echo $loc | jq .longitude)"

Wego on termux

For wego to work you must set the WEGORC environment variable. You probably want to do this in your shells startup script.

export WEGORC=$HOME/.wegorc

Otherwise it installs just fine if you follow the instructions.

If you don't want to go through the hassle of installing wego, you can just use instead. is an implementation of wego that can be called with just curl to get the current weather. If you don't want to rely on IP Geo location you can also use the same script for instead of wego.

loc=$(termux-location -p network)&&curl$(echo $loc | jq .latitude),$(echo $loc | jq .longitude)