Photo of an orange blockade with a graffiti reading "THAT REAL SHIT; THAT SHIT THAT MAKES YOU FEEL SHIT"

Saw this cool graffiti in Antwerp. I took the picture to google it, to see if it is a song lyric or something. Can't find anything. But I really like this picture, especially the color composition.


Brussels has a lot of weird statues. Here's a few of them. Some of them are peeing, which made them very famous.

Photo of Manneken Pis

Statue of a small boy peeing, called "Manneken Pis". It will wear a costume every few days.

Photo of Jeanneke Pis

Statue of a small girl peeing, called "Jeanneke Pis".

Photo of Hez Zinneke

Statue of a dog peeing, called "Het Zinneke".

Photo of a Winston Churchill statue

Statue of Winston Churchill (not peeing). I saw it in the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History.

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It's gonna be summer really soon. Now was the perfect time to spend some time upgrading and extending an old project of mine: aare.li.

You get to see the various information about my local river, the Aare.

See it in your terminal:

curl aare.li
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